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"The Cottage"

Where it all began

With a small budget, and Graham working away in the mines. The whole family committed themselves into building a little business to make some extra money out of effective natural products that Graham had designed and believed in.

"The Cottage"

Humble Beginnings

After 3 months the first Paradise
Nutrients office was ready to move into.   

"The Old Hay Shed"

First Expansion

Not long into our journey we outgrew the little cottage and needed to expand. Graham had a vision and his memebers believed in him.

"The Old Hay Shed"

First Expansion Complete

After 9 months the new facility was ready to move into.

"The Factory"

Second Expansion

Graham's vision sparks the creation of a revolutionary factory. Its purpose: to offer the world extraordinary products that benefit your body, animals, and the environment.

Our Mission

Our goal in today’s modern world is to produce high-quality, effective, non-toxic, plant derived, bioavailable nutrients, complementary medicines, pet care, animal care and personal products at affordable prices. To deliver the highest quality of products from the ground up.

Our mission is to grow, manufacture, distribute our products and maintain quality assurance through each stage of the process. Through reinvestment, business innovation, and research our focus is to give our customers satisfaction and a better outcome for the health and well being of each other, our pets, our animals and the environment.

Our Values

To reach our goals and to achieve we must act with all honesty, fairness, kindness, and trust. We encourage and recognise team and individual efforts. We believe that you only get out of something what you put into it and that hard work should be recognised and rewarded fairly. Helping someone less fortunate than yourself will make you stronger and richer for the experience. To achieve it we must always consider our environmental footprint we leave behind remembering our responsibility to the generations that follow.

Our Products

Paradise Nutrients Products are becoming renowned for delivering high quality with effective results. Our products are based on research and sound knowledge of age-old unquestionable benefits and proven experiences. Our aim is to deliver products that are sensitive to nature and kind to ourselves without compromising the quality and standard of each product. We endeavour to keep our customers educated about our products and their benefits so they can make informed decisions.

We will continue to develop a range of innovative products with the highest quality and standards that will excite members and customers to feel proud to be part of such a great business. Through modern technology, we will provide a support system that can make a positive difference.

Our Properties

Paradise Nutrients is committed to the use of sustainable, and eco-friendly farming. Our agricultural, environmental, and sustainability practices ensure we protect the land, while still providing the necessary resources to produce our 100% premium, quality products.

Our plantations and farms produce the finest quality tea tree oil and tea tree leaf extracts found anywhere in the world. Our herbs and complementary medicines are grown in pristine highly mineralised soil delivering high quality compounds ensuring the end user is getting the best quality for the investment into their health.

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