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As the name suggests, almond oil is extracted from the dry fruit called almond, which we usually consume in desserts and chocolates. Along with a nutty taste, the oil has a slight odour and can also be substituted for olive oil. It is characteristically clear in colour, with a shade of yellow.

Since our childhood, we have heard from our parents and grandparents that almond oil is really good for our health as well as beauty. However, how many of us actually know how the oil proves to be beneficial to us. Very few, right!

Sweet almond oil, which is acquired from the dried kernel of a plant, used to be utilized by the massage therapists earlier, for lubricating the skin during a massage session. This is because it is an effective emollient too.

After knowing about almond oil, let us explore its positive effects on our body and beauty.


Highly nutritious almonds and almond oil (pressed from them) were immensely popular in Greece and Italy long before the Christian era. It was during the Middle Ages when almonds became an important commerce good in Central Europe. The ancient texts and studies reveal numerous wonderful virtues of the almond. It was chiefly valued for its application in preventing intoxication.

Being a native of the warmer parts of Western Asia and North Africa, almond tree cultivation is extensively distributed over the warm temperate regions of the Old World. It is cultivated in all the countries bordering on the Mediterranean.


Almond oil is packed with unsaturated fats (mostly monounsaturated fats) and vitamin E, both of which are powerful nutrients that greatly benefit skin health. Fats are needed for healthy cell membranes and vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage. Almond oil can help skin problems when taken internally or used externally.

Almond oil is not as greasy as most oils and, when applied topically, does not clog up pores. It works well with all types of skin but is especially helpful for dry and irritated skin. It helps hold in moisture, keeping the skin looking young and healthy. It can help reduce fine wrinkles and erase dark circles under the eyes. It can also help relieve itching and soothe inflammation. Almond oil contain B vitamins, Vitamin D and Vitamin E also.

Nutritional Profile

Almond and almond oil is used extensively in ancient medical techniques like Ayurveda and Unani medicines.

Despite being a seed, it boasts of being counted in the premium health food category consisting whole foods such as other nuts.

Presence of high amounts of nutrients produces energy. Almond oil is incredibly rich in minerals like manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, iron, zinc and potassium. Selenium is also present in good amount. Almond nuts are a powerhouse of vitamin E, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and folate. Good amounts of vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid are also present. All this makes almond oil an excellent ingredient for other products.


The information provided is for educational purposes only and must not be taken or interpreted as a suggestion or as medical advise.

If you have any medical conditions, you should consult your health care professional.

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