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It is not surprising that the taste and aroma of the herb rosemary, historically used for strengthening the memory, is unforgettable.

Rosemary has a unique pine-like fragrant flavor that is balanced by a rich pungency, a combination that evokes both the forest and the sea.

Its memorable flavor and unique health benefits makes it an indispensable herb for every kitchen.

Rosemary grows on a small evergreen shrub belonging to the Labiatae family that is related to mint. Its leaves look like flat pine-tree needles, deep green in color on top while silver-white on their underside.


Although rosemary is native to the Mediterranean, it now grows throughout much of the temperate regions in Europe and America.

Rosemary has been a prized seasoning and natural medicine for millennia. Part of rosemary’s popularity came from the widespread belief that rosemary stimulated and strengthened the memory, a quality for which it is still traditionally used.

In ancient Greece, students would place rosemary sprigs in their hair when studying for exams and mourners would also throw the fragrant herb into the grave of the deceased as a symbol of remembrance.

In olde England, rosemary’s ability to fortify the memory transformed it into a symbol of fidelity and it played an important role in the costumes, decorations and gifts used at weddings.

Rosemary oil was first extracted in the 14th century, after which it was used to make Queen of Hungary water, a very popular cosmetic used at that time.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, rosemary became popular as a digestive aid in apothecaries.

Recently, as modern research focuses on the beneficial active components in rosemary, our appreciation for this herb’s therapeutic as well as culinary value has been renewed.


The essential rosemary oil is a main ingredient in the industry of cosmetic products because of its analgesic, aromatizing, anti-inflammatory, peripheral blood circulation stimulating, antimicrobial and hair fall preventing action.

Adding a few drops in a votive light or in the bath water, the essential rosemary oil is adequate for states of anxiety, headaches, debility, and weakness.

It acts through unblocking the interior energies and in aromatherapy it is believed to help improve relationships with others.

Nutritional Profile

Rosemary is a good source of the minerals iron and calcium, as well as dietary fiber. Fresh has 25% more manganese (which is somehow lost in the process of drying) and a 40% less calcium and iron, probably due to the higher water content.


Warnings: Consumption during pregnancy or in cases of epilepsy or hypersensitivity should be avoided.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and must not be taken or interpreted as a suggestion or as medical advise.

If you have any medical conditions, you should consult your health care professional.

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